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One of the defining events in Isturoth's long history is The Displacement followed by the War of Ashes. This began when the volcano known as "Malrokum" erupted in a devastating display of nature's aggression. This permanently changed the landscape and killed thousands, and resulted in the War of Ashes that formed what became the kingdom of Isturoth. It remains a turbulent and unstable site to this day, constantly spewing lava along the Furious Vein.


Located in central Kur'Taloth, Malrokum is one of the biggest active volcanoes on the entire continent.


It is understood that, before the Displacement, Malrokum was a dormant volcano. Occasionally, smoke would rise from the caldera at the peak or some light seismic activity would occur, but nothing more than this.   On the day it erupted unexpectedly, the sound could be heard more than 5000 km away. The explosion shook the ground violently and immense fissures opened up while rocks tumbled down the slopes of nearby mountains. Molten rock and lava was expelled as far as the eye could see and rained down on the surrounding highlands.   The side of Malrokum opened up and built-up lava gushed out of the cracked surface. This, combined with the fall of ash and debris, covered the land in several metres of material. For years after the eruption, acid rain poisoned the soil and any sources of water that lay underneath the ash clouds.   Centuries later, smoke still rises from the ruined mountain and lava still oozes out but the land is beginning to settle. The Furious Vein (so named for its relation to the god of fury and destruction) is a reminder of the devastation that occurred that day.
Alternative Name(s)
Jokhosh's Wrath

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