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These creatures are vestiges of the once-mighty empire of Nel'Akhiron that fell to ruin thousands of years ago. Similar to the Ghez, the Spellcats are remnants of the wizards that, at one point, likely bred or modified these creatures to act as familiars and status symbols. Over the millenia, they have evolved so that they have become more animalistic in nature, when once they may have been substantially more intelligent and aware.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

It is not known what these creatures once were or how they came into being, however once magic left the remnants of the Akhir empire, Spellcats were one of the first things to be either sequestered by wizards or left to wither away. Despite this, the species has somehow survived while the majority of the Akhir people did not, possibly due to the faint magical traces within their bodies.   They will live for up to 30 to 40 years and have been known to grow up to 1.6 metres from nose to tail.

Ecology and Habitats

Many groups of Spellcats make their homes in caves or the crumbling ruins of the Akhir empire, giving the impression that somewhere deep in their biology they still remember the lives they once lived.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

It is entirely plausible that the Spellcats were once highly intelligent, as animals go. Now, though, they are little more than beasts, prowling for prey in the wild and sheltering in ruins.
30 - 40 years
Average Height
30 - 40 cm
Average Weight
30 - 40 kg
Average Length
1.0 - 1.4 m
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Spellcats are usually defined by the metallic tint visible in their fur, which comes in a variety of textures (spotted, striped, mottled, etc.). These variations are:
  • Brass Spellcat
  • Copper Spellcat
  • Bronze Spellcat
  • Silver Spellcat

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