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Priesthood of the Deep

In Eskarr, domains of the spirits are designated to either The World (a plane that is a reflection of the material world), The Deep or The Sky.   As a part of Veres, the main religious of the Skadi, there is a sect of priests that specifically address worship of the spirits that dwell in The Deep, just as there is for spirits of The Sky. These priests had a more in-depth knowledge of rituals and ceremonies pertaining to this kind of worship, and a deeper affinity with spirits of that domain.

Public Agenda

The mission of the Priesthood is to oversee more specialised worship to The Deep and the spirits that dwell there. The counterpart to The Sky, denizens of The Deep are often seen to be more powerful and vengeful, though spirits like these exist in The World and The Sky as well. Perhaps because of this, the Priesthood was formed as a sect of organised Veres that specialises in the observation of rituals and worship relating to The Deep, just as there is one for The Sky.   There will often be a priest of the Deep present in matters like paying tribute to certain deities or performing rituals dedicated to them, instead of a regular priest of Veres. This is likely due to the public perception that having a more specialised priest for these purposes would show greater reverence or would be more beneficial for those observing the worship.   They also had a more extensive knowledge on these topics, studying for years in monasteries dedicated to the domain of The Deep and its spirits. Sometimes these individuals were called upon as sages to advise on matters of worship.
Religious, Sect
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