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Tribute to the Leviathans

In eastern Eskarr, among the citizens of the coastal kingdom of Skaran it is common to pay tribute to the mysterious and colossal creatures of the ocean. These are in fact spirits of the Deep, ones who have a multitude of stories told of them sinking ships and pulling whole chunks of the continent into the sea. The hope is that by leaving offerings, singing songs and chanting prayers, they can sate these spirits enough that they will not take out their destructive natures on the Skadi.


Ever since the Skadi migrated across the kingdom to the coast, they have told stories about ships lost at sea, of the spiritural creatures that lurk in the dark abyss of the Deep. Ancient legend even tells of how these "leviathans" even grew so furious with those on land, who thought themselves safe, that they pulled whole swathes of land into the sea.   These kinds of myths and stories inspire fear and humility in the Skadi, and create a sense of reverence for the uncontrollable fury of the ocean.


There are three main types of tribute:
  1. Offering - A gathering of seafood, breads, fruits, and often items of value like pearls and abelone shells, to be tossed into the ocean or sailed out on a boat.
  2. Prayer - Communal chanting of prayer, often accompanied by drums, so that mortal worship of these immensely power spirits can be heard from the Deep.
  3. Song - Similar to prayer, though done with a lighter spirit. This is often accompanied by dancing and music, and is carried out more to soothe or please the spirits rather than to show reverence.


These tributes will take place at any time throughout the year. Sometimes there are planned events, festivals even, that will involve an entire town. When ships leave port to travel across open ocean, it is common for tribute to be made before the journey, to ensure they safely reach their destination.
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