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The process by which the Akhir are able to survive centuries is referred to as Agelessness. It is both a side effect and intentional ritual as part of their use of Zhak'raa.


Frequent exposure to manifestations of Zhak'raa is linked as the root cause of life-elongation. This includes close proximity to and regular use of magical artifacts, Zhak'raa spells and religious rituals. The end result of the condition is that the subject's lifespan increases substantially, however the cost is steep and it comes with a multitude of side effects.


Unlike a burn or a disease, exposure to Zhak'raa can not be recovered from. The only option to avoid it is to avoid Zhak'raa altogether, and therefore forefeit your right to exist within a group of wizards or any longevity.


The condition leaves an individual looking more like a withered husk than an actual person. Over countless centuries, their ears and nose recede into their faces and their eyes look pale and sunken. Their faces appear gaunt and their skin becomes pallid and withered, with patches where it has turned flaky or scaly. The subject's body is no longer able to retain any fat, so they become so emaciated that their bones threaten to puncture through their weak skin.

Affected Groups

All cloisters, covens and otherwise disconnected groups of secrective wizards are affected by the same condition, albeit to different degrees. Those whose magical hoards are great, with many having access to the magic, will have more advanced and more severe afflictions. This means that they will likely live much longer, but will be less human for it.


When Nel'Akhiron fell, the wizards collected and hoarded their magical knowledge amongst themselves. While the empire withered away, the wizards used their knowledge and abilities in Zhak'raa to prolong their own lives.

Cultural Reception

Among those that have survived the fall of Nel'Akhiron, Agelessness has become a way of life. It is the natural progression for those that survived the collapse so that they may continue their ancient traditions and carry on the knowledge of Zhak'raa. Not being exposed to the same concentration of magic as everyone else is inconceivable, and so this is the price that must be paid.
Chronic, Acquired

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