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When it came to the attire of wizards in Nel'Akhiron, there was no substitute for aetherweave, a heavy cloth interweaved with strands of wire that could be enchanted with Zhak'raa magic. In this way, mere cloth raiments could contain trace amounts of magic that would empower the wizards who wore them.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Aetherweave is dense and heavy, and often holds its shape due to the interweaving of thin wires through the material. If one looks at it very closely, it appears to have a slightly metallic sheen to it.   When worn in clothing, a magic-user would feel empowered in any spells they cast.

Origin & Source

The wires could be made out of any metal but copper was most common. After being woven into the threads of the material, a powerful wizard could use Zhak'raa to imbue magical energy into the bolt of cloth, with the wires acting as a conductor. The magical charge the aetherweave would carry would last years, but tended to diminish around the 10-year mark.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Initially, the material was used to make full raiments, believing that the more aetherweave was in an outfit, the more empowered one became. This was eventually disproved when it was discovered that there are diminishing returns on the amount of power one received from aetherweave cloth.   As it was also more cost-effective to use less, new sets of vestments and robes emerged that contained pieces of aetherweave in various parts. This trend continued in hats, sashes, stoles and scarves. Aetherweave fragments sewn into boots and gloves had little, if any, effect.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Aetherweave was incredibly difficult to make, which prevented the market from becoming industrialised. The materials were easy (if expensive) to obtain, but it required a powerful magic-user to create the final cloth.


Trade & Market

Once the material started to become known to the public, it became a highly-prized textile for making any item of clothing or accessory. It was so greatly valued that a thriving black market operation began once trade on the material became more restricted.

Law & Regulation

As with most things relating to Zhak'raa, it was not long before the Archwizards (or Azix'Nezar) of the White Order began to write legislation limiting the wearing of aetherweave, first to wizards who had achieved Master level magic, then only to other Archwizards.

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