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  Approximately 210; primarily Human, some Elf.  


  Dastrow is governed by a noble aristocrat, the elf lord Giles.  

Notable Places:

  Heswe's Ironworks: A large blacksmith's workshop, built around a volcanic fissure filled with flames.   The Scoundrel and Flagon: An elegant adventurer's inn, built atop an outcrop of hewn and rune-carved stone.   The Wench's Meadhall: A grand commoner's inn, decorated with exotic weapons and armor.    

A few NPCs:

  Nichye Arrett: Male Human Thief, Neutral. Nichye is heavyset, with curly silver hair and narrow grey eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a club. Nichye holds a grudge against trolls.   Eorhtwear: Male Human Mercenary, Neutral. Eorhtwear has short blonde hair and light grey eyes, and a short moustache. He wears chain mail and wields a warhammer and short bow. Eorhtwear seeks to save his family from financial ruin.   Saeunnga: Female Dwarf Merchant, Good. Saeunnga is tall and stout, with black hair and amber eyes. She wears plain clothing and an iron amulet. Saeunnga has an animal companion, a hunting dog named Andir.


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