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Rayala Kordae

Rayala Kordae

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Rayala is short and muscular. She possesses great dexterity that she uses when applying tattoo's to herself and her husband, Jaekan Stonarch. Her skin is not as tanned as other Jacobians and her eyes are not the regular steel grey of her people, but a flashing silver with brilliant flecks of green.

Body Features

Lightly tanned skin.

Identifying Characteristics

Rayala has a tattoo that runs the length of her back, over her shoulders, and on her chest. There is a line on either side of her spine rising from her hips. Smaller lines join them from her rib cage, widening as they approach the main ones, which flare out as they reach her shoulders, making small loops on the tops of them. In the left loop there is the Ancient Jacobian symbol meaning power and the right loop contains the symbol meaning precision. Her husband tattooed these symbols after there marriage earlier this year. The lines continue and follow her collarbone, meeting and seem to spin around one another, forming a line of circles that stretches to the bottom of her breasts, where the lines diverge again and follow the undersides of her breasts ending at her armpits. All of the lines are black.  

Rayala's Tattoo

Apparel & Accessories

Rayala wears her tunic even when she's training or working. This is because she feels self conscious about the light colour of her skin and doesn't like exposing it to anyone except her husband Jaekan Stonarch.

Specialized Equipment

Rayala has a lot of practice giving complicated tattoos and has done almost all of the tattos that cover the body of Jaekan Stonarch.   Her coming of age weapon is a heavy ended Infantry Sword with a handle made of Dol Deer antler. The counter weight is made of a platinum ball (which is about 3 times heavier than steel per cubic foot).   Rayala wears medium armour in combat if she has the time to prepare for it.

Mental characteristics

Failures & Embarrassments

Rayala is embarrassed by her relatively untanned skin and the silver-green colouration of her eyes.

Morality & Philosophy

Rayala feels that the best thing a person can do is make something new; whether that be a new weapon, new kata, or new form of art. She believes people should express themselves in whatever way they feel like.


Family Ties

Wife of Jaekan Stonarch. Member of the Kordae family. Younger sister to Keersh Kordae and younger sister of Lora Kordae.

Social Aptitude

Rayala can seem very unsociable because she avoids eye contact as much as possible. She only ever feels comfortable showing her eyes and skin to Jaekan as she know her finds them different, but not abhorrent.


Rayala avoids eye contact as much as possible with everyone except for Jaekan. Sometimes the pair will sit and simply stare into one another's eyes in silence.

Current Location
Chee-Aron (City)
Jacobian (ethnicity)
Year of Birth
-16 (16 years old)
Kordae (City)
Current Residence
Kordae (City)
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Silver eyes with flecks of green.
Shoulder Length Black hair braided in an intricate pattern.
90 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Kordae (Family)
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Is fluent in Jacobian (Language).
Appears in...

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