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The Klasbial Archipelago


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A group of large islands in the northern hemisphere, the Klasbial Archipelago is a place of diverse cultures and peoples. Some are well adapted to their habitats and have peaceful relations with the local non-human populations. Others actively seek the destruction or subjugation of these races, slaughtering them by the thousands or enslaving them for their own purposes. Some groups are hunter gatherers with simple societies while other base their cultures on wisdom and intellegence far beyond what the average mind can comprehend.   Seven nations of note exist on the island of the Archipelago. In the far Northwest of the archipelago there is an island of scholars and savants: Arulius (Nation). Their population takes tests of wisdom and intellect to determine their place in society. The weak of mind have very few rights in this trade and information based island nation. In recent years, they have expanded their colonies and trading influences over seas. The Nation of Jae (Nation) rests on the Southern end of it's own island to the east of Arulius. Its is controlled by a monarchy commanding a sizeable militia and Navy. The peaceful nation of Frans (Nation) is a religious hub for many groups that lies on an island in the centre of the archipelago. Its people are descendants of the ancient Davaerian Tribes (Nation) tribes who've lived in the area for thousands of years. Further South on the same island the desert dwellers of Shareema (Nation) live out their nomadic existences. Bordering Shareema to the east is Sceoque (Nation), a nation of peace and harmony where elves and dwarves are treated as equals to their human counterparts. Across the strait of Nie-eek lies an island of the same name. On the Southern end of this island lies the nation of Astaera (Nation). The Astaerians co-exist peacefully with local elven population, but built a one hundred seventy five kilometer wall, cutting them off from the rest of the island. North of the island of Nie-eek the volcanic landmass of Jacobia (Continent). Jaco Jahon Kli-Soon rules of Jacobia (Nation) and has continued the wishes of his forebears in captureing and controlling areas of surrounding islands, but powerful families are moving and training forces the likes of which haven't been seen since the Jacobian (Ethnicity) wars of succession, leading many to believe there is a civil war brewing.

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