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Jaekan Stonarch

Jaekan Stonarch (a.k.a. The Walking Word)

Physical Description

Facial Features

Intricately braided black beard.

Identifying Characteristics

Jaekan has black tattoos of information in ancient Jacobian, a language unused in Jacobia for nearly 500 years. The tattoos contain every piece of history and lore that he has ever learned.

Personality Characteristics


Jaekan wishes to gain and record as much information as he can. He does not particularly care if anyone ever reads the tattoos that hold the knowledge he has absorbed and couldn't care less for teaching others; the only reason he ever wants someone to know something is so that he can learn it from them. He takes a special joy in being the first to learn a thing, wishing to observe rather than be told, but he understands that no ones point of view is infallible and will often ask for second opinions if he fills as thought the subject is not adequately understood.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Jaekan is very adept at seeing new techniques and countering or replicating them, but often has difficulty understanding emotional reactions and feelings, as he follows the process of observe, remember, react, record. Over the years he spent with Rayala Kordae before they were married, he has gained a firm understanding of her thoughts and feelings, but she seems to be the only one he can truly connect with other than his sisters.

Likes & Dislikes

Jaekan enjoys new things; not for the sake of new experiences or the thrill of adventure, but simply so he can learn about and from them, with the intent to record this knowledge both in mind and on skin.


Jaekan keeps his body clean, not for any sense of cleanliness or concern for his appearance, but simply because he finds it difficult to read his markings.


Family Ties

Grandson of Pitri Stonarch, Son of Kindae Stonarch, younger brother of Tilkae Stonarch, and husband to Rayala Kordae.


Whenever Jaekan learns a new thing he begins tracing the words in Ancient Jacobian on his skin with ink if he has it, but if truly necessary, with the blade of a knife.

Current Location
Chee-Aron (City)
Jacobian (ethnicity)
Year of Birth
-17 (17 years old)
Fort Stonarch
Current Residence
Kordae (City)
Gender Identity
Short black Hair
120 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Jacobia (Nation)
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Is fluent in Jacobian (Language) and can hold a conversation in Common (Language) or Arulian (language). He is also one of only a handful who can read and write Ancient Jacobian.
Appears in...

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