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Bakadann, Prince of the Desert

In the area known as the Nubiar Oversight, the preferred beast of burden of the Estiri is the Bakadann. While called prince of the Desert, it's really the prince of the Savannah. Hyborians saw the magificent beast and tried to take them for their war, but the Estiri would have none of that. while the Hyborians had the technological advantage, a stampeding herd of Bakadanns did make the Hyborians question their logistics. Still in the end, by 8 I.R. all of Khemitan beame part of the Hyborian Hedgemony. Between sport hunting and use in military campaigns, the population dwindled. It has taken 3000 years, but the Bakadann populations have grown enough to encroach the Stygian River where Khemitians have never seen a real Bakadann.   The domesticated Bakadann can carry a phenomenal weight of 1000 Kg or more commonly pull a cart weighing as much as them. The Bakadann can move through the desert, but only for a few days, while their thick hide, including footpads are resistant to intense heat and blowing sand, they do not have as much water stored in their folds as the camel does. they would only survive 3 days at most without water.   The Bakadann's horn is more bone than Keritin and is used to plow into the earth for water or for edible roots that they are fond of. If desparate for food, they will uproot trees to eat both the leaves and roots. While not as common as in the past, the Esteri have sheaths for the Bakadann horm to add a metal blade. the Bakadann can then be used as a plow, creating farmland, while they get anything they dig up. The Esteri revere their Bakadann, creating Battle Axe with the horn of the deceased.  

Life in the Wild

The wild Bakadann live in herds of 30 or so and they are known to take in rhinos into their herd. When one of the herd is threatened, the Bakadann form The Wall. It's an intimidating formation as they will move as one, trampling any predators that stand before the wall.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Features One large flat, biforcated horn   Large folds over its body   Bulbous lip which can be used for gripping folliage or picking things off the ground   Dermal ridge along the dorsal spine   Thick Hide

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Nubiar Oversight
40-50 years
Average Height
2-2.5 Meters (at Shoulder)
Average Weight
2000 to 3000 Kg
Average Length
3.6-4 Meters

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