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Viscount Willum Daffles

Viscount Willum Daffles (a.k.a. The Merchant Prince of Daring Heights, the Daffy Prince of Daring, Mayor Daffles)

Viscount Willum Daffles, (former) Mayor and Founder of Daring Heights, is a man with many titles. A viscount by blood and by right, he was forced to flee his homeland during a particularly ugly civil war with a few close friends and retainers. Already an established trader with a few contacts, he turned his attention fully to mercantilism and hasn't looked back, though he dabbled in some light adventuring when the mood suited him. The discovery of the portal to Kantas and the opportunity to create a town all his own soon gained him the modest title of mayor. 'Merchant prince' though, is simply a title many commoners have given him and it has stuck, though some have also heard him called the Daffy Prince of Daring by his enemies.   A smart and opportunistic man, Willum has always been prepared to do whatever it took to get what he wanted, and from a young age he knew that what he wanted was respect. As the son of a minor noble, he knew that all the intrigue in the world wouldn't get his family out from under the mountain of other noble families in the land. Merchants however, associated with all of them freely. So his focus became money. Money leads to power, which leads to respect, though he did not let himself become solely focused on just that route. His long friendship with Aurelia had taught him some of her immense patience, and he knew that opportunity would eventually get him where he wanted to go.   As Daring Heights was established, and he knew that if he could get past these next few years he would have all the fame and respect he could ever hope for, Willum met Granny Longtooth, who arrived with eldritch promises to ensure all of his dreams. There are few souls alive who know what deals were made, or indeed if any were, but some might wonder why Granny's dealings with the rest of town have never merited a response from the Town Hall, or why woodcutters are forbidden from chopping wood within 3 miles of her cottage.   Following the razing of Daring Heights by the orc horde, Mayor Daffles vanished without a trace. No one knew where he went, not even Aurelia. It wasn't until some time later, in the conflict between Nowhere and Granny, that it became clear that his deals with the witch had cost him dearly. Evidently, some of the clauses for the bargains he had struck with the witch ensured the deal would last 'for as long as he ruled Daring Heights.' The moment the orcs took the city, Granny collected, and imprisoned Willum in a gemstone that floated around her staff, using him as a power source for her magics.   After Granny's defeat, the gemstone containing Willum was given to Aurelia, who spent months in the effort of freeing him. When she finally succeeded, he was a changed man, and he decided that Daring was no longer the place for him. Taking the fortune he had acquired through founding the town, he left to retire in some distant land.

Character Location
Daring Heights
True Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Viscount, Mayor of Daring Heights (former)
Current Residence

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