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Zracar Empire

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  The Zracar Empire was a Empire which ruled over the majority of the Continent of Origin and parts of the Continent of Ariel, from the year 559 AI to 814 AI. It was the most powerful Kingdom to exist within the Age of the Idols, possessing incredible magical prowess. However, just as quickly as it rose into power, it fell to it's demise...  


The Empire was formed shortly after the Arrival of the Dragonkin in the year 559 AI. It's dominating species would be the Dragonborn, a new race which had arrived onto Etherlen from another Universe. They were led by the, now dead, god Qual'Idremeter. The very being which had allowed the dragonborn to arrive in the first place. They arrived on the Continent of Origin, and only three years after would organize to form the Zracar Empire.
The Empire began within Origin's Southern Dune Sea. A vast sea of sand that is fairly barren and devoid of life. It is here that they spent nearly a century building up there power, honing their magical skills. They built small settlements in the sand while they worked on their true capital. In the year 635 AI, the first ever floating city, named Klaphenar, would set to the skies. It would act as the central home for the Empire, and would also be their flagship in the many wars to come...

The Empire's Conquest

  Shortly after the completion of Klaphenar, several other floating cities, of a smaller size, would be constructed. The Empire had arisen from the sands, and was now capable of moving wherever it pleased. It is with this mobility and the Dragonborn 's innate magical powers that the Empire would begin it's attempt to conquer the whole of Origin. And they would be very successful.  
From the Southern Dune Sea, the Empire floated north across the continent. Wherever the Empire went blood and fire would be left in it's wake. The southern half of Origin would quickly fall, as their was no opposition. The Humans who inhabited central Origin had not truly organized into one power, and so their attempts to fight back were pitiful at best. Both edges of the northern half of Origin would be conquered and left in ruin. After this, only the Northern Strip of Origin, and Par'Adhellion, the Great Forest were left. However, it is here that the Empire would face a true challenge.

Elven Realm of Sol'Anar

Within Par'Adhellion, the Great Forest lied the great Elven Realm of Sol'Anar. The oldest and most ancient civilization, formed before the Age of the Idols had even began. It's inhabitants were, and still to this day, comprised of the most skilled and powerful High Elves on the face of Etherlen. The two largest forces that inhabited Origin faced each other down, neither bending the knee to the other. With this, blood would rain down from the skies and form rivers on the ground. Thousands upon thousands would pass into the afterlife. A few of the great cities of Zracar would be brought back down to the earth. However, as the battle's continued, it was clear that both sis had reached a stalemate. Neither being able to make progress on the other. The conquest of Origin had come to a halt.

Beyond Origin

As the conquest of Origin came to a halt, the Empire decided to send a few of their cities over to the Continent of Ariel, to further their conquest on new lands. They would once again be successful. Conquering most of the eastern and southern edges of Ariel. But alas, the Empire's time on Etherlen was beginning to reach it's end...

The End of Zracar

  As the Empire had been expanding it's own territory, there was a growing subsect of Dragonborn that were displeased with the constant warfare. They longed for peace, and did not wish to see anymore bloodshed. This subsect slowly grew as the wars continued. A figure would step up, seeking to lead this subsect and spark a revolution. Their name was Nepherze, a black dragon who had been fighting for the Empire. However, not all that this black dragon had planned was good. It's true desires was more that of balance. It hated seeing the imbalance of power that the Empire had caused, and wished for it too be restored.  
Eventually after some time, the subsect had grown to a large enough size to be a problem. Attacks began breaking out within the floating cities. This caused much uproar and chaos, making the Empire falter in it's conquest. More of the cities fell, while some now were in the control of the Revolutionists. The Empire would slowly crumble from within. All of this however, would come to a head when Nepherze challenged the leader of the Empire, the god Qual'Idremeter.

Death and Ascension

Nepherze challenged Qual'Idremeter, intending to cut off the head of the snake, to finally end the Zracar Empire. The Black Dragon had found a relic like no other. A blade who's purpose is that to destroy, the arconic relic Elris. With this blade, Nehperze would manage to defeat and kill Qual'Idremeter. The death of this god would finally end the Empire, with it disbanding only a year after. A Dragonborn Kingdom like Zracar would not be seen again.
With the remnants of the dead god and the praise and worship from the remaining Dragonborn, Nepherze headed to the Mountain of Era'Aino. There, it was granted god-hood, and it ascended to the heavens, becoming Elcron, the Unforgiven Blade.

559 AI - 814 AI

Geopolitical, Empire

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