Talus (/talɔs/)

Valley cry,
And thunder roar
While mountains fall
From above Ator
— Ancient Hebarian poem
  The Talus are territorial creatures made of living stones and minerals. They range in size from 1-meter, called Pebblits, to the largest recorded being over 30-meters tall and roughly 20 meters wide. When their territory is not disturbed they rest a majority of their body in the ground, including what would be considered their arms and legs. A creature coming within a dozen meters of these resting boulders may be surprised by the earth under them shaking as the creature rises.   Talus' have no apparent sensory organs but appear to use some sort of sense to track interlopers. They weaponize their bodies, either slamming or throwing their 'fists' into their targets, or slamming their entire body into the ground. They will perform the latter in order to replenish their fists if they have thrown both, seemingly grabbing new stones from underground. Adult Talus regularly possess a large Ore Deposit, which protrudes from their body.  

Basic Information


Each Talus consists of 5 major segments: 60-70% is the main body, and the rest is one of four extremities. The lower two hold up the body in a somewhat upright form and can be seen to be made up of multiple small boulders. The upper two extremities are used by the Talus to defend itself, either by slamming the ends into attackers like a hammer or even throwing the ends at high force. The main body will also sometimes be slammed into the ground if the arms have been thrown.   Beyond this, the creatures seem to be solely made of stone and occasionally ores.

Genetics and Reproduction

How Talus reproduce is entirely unstudied.

Growth Rate & Stages

Pebblits are believed to be the juvenile version of the Talus. It is also believed that a legendary Talus Titan may be the fully mature version, growing over several generations.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

It is unknown how Talus perceive their world, but it has been surmised that these stone monsters are actually capable of a sort of vibration sense.
Scientific Name
Geographic Distribution

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