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Declaration of Principles of the Free City of Tulwood

The Declaration of Principles of the Free City of Tulwood is a declaration of intent written by the High Factor of the Tulwood High Seas Company and signed and published by the Factors' Council to establish Tulwood as a republic of free citizens.  


The Declaration is a long and comprehensive document. However, there are several prinicples laid out that are fundamental to understanding how Tulwood operates.

The Principle of Armed Neutrality

The Free City of Tulwood is a neutral political force, and does not take part in alliances or unions of other countries. However, it will maintain its army and navy at a sufficient strength to safeguard its territory and the interests of its people

The Principle of Equality

Every person who dwells within Tulwood for 6 continuous months is entitled to declare themselves a citizen of Tulwood, renouncing all other citizenships, and may maintain that citizenship until they renounce that citizenship or claim citizenship of another country. All citizens have the right to vote for 2 representatives on the Factor's Council, the right to a free and open trial if accused of a crime, and to freedom of movement unless so accused. No citizen may claim right to special treatment on the basis of bloodline from other citizens of Tulwood.

The Principle of Law

All laws in Tulwood apply equally to all citizens and to all visitors to Tulwood, trade outposts that operate according to Tulwood laws, or ships registered to the Free City of Tulwood.

The Principle of Free Trade

Tulwood shall not impose restrictions on what goods its merchants may trade, nor where they may choose to conduct their business. Furthermore, no tarrifs or duties can be applied on one type of product over another, though fees may be applied based on tonnage of goods moved though ports controlled by Tulwood.


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