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The Hunter's Dream

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The Hunter's Dream is a world that seems not unlike our own. The advent of modern science has shed light on the mysteries of physics and chemistry, producing technology that connects the world as never before: the train and the telegraph are rapidly replacing caravans and messenger birds.   Most people now believe the old legends, tales of supernatural beings both great and terrible, to be myths of ancient times, perhaps once real but long since withdrawn from their interference with humanity. Most of those who still believe are those with no other choice - those who have encountered such powers directly. Of these, many live out their lives as victims, haunted both by powers and by the derision of a modern society that is blind to their plight. Some embrace those powers, taking it upon themselves to work towards some greater plan they see before them. Still others choose to fight back, turning one power against another in hopes of diminishing them all. These last are known as the Hunters, and they dream of a world free from the otherworldly powers that most of humanity dares not accept as real.   Author's note: First, I would like to credit the work of Rusty Quill and Jonathan Sims in creating the Magnus Archives. While my conception of the powers in this universe is not meant to be a wholesale copy of the Fears in that story, the core concepts at least are very much inspired by that series. I do hope to find ways to depart from that basis, however, and make this story my own. Second, the title of "The Hunter's Dream" is a placeholder as I needed something to label this project as. It will likely change in time as well.