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One of the three tank hunters of Dresden's pack. A fast and efficient killer.   Always grumpy, actively despises happy people. His brothers are the only tanks he treats (comparably) well. Comes across as rude often, but doesn't care. If he tried to get along with people, it would be hard for him.   He becomes part of the Falkendorf Team (and later the Tanking League) against his will after the attack on their town fails. As someone who loves and values his freedom, he finds it hard to adjust to this, but obeys his platoon leader's decision to stay with them for the time being.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Has a big dent on one side of his fighting compartment that has been mended but is still visible. Camo and armour are in a rather worn condition.

Body Features

(Ignore the old images.) Grey camo on the hull; cannon mantlet and some of the wheels are factory red; cannon is all dark grey. Inscription on the side of his hull reads "defect".

Mental characteristics

Personal history

“I just don’t know,” Rüdiger said, huddling up closer to the Panzer III by his side. “It’s not me.” Emma nodded gently and brushed some imaginary dust off his fighting compartment.   “I understand,” she said. “Do you have anything in mind? Anything you want us to call you instead?”   Rüdiger sighed and shook his cannon.   “I can’t think of anything yet. I’ll have to think more about this,” he said pensively. “I want it to mean something, you know? I want it to feel like me.”
  He used to fight in Dresden's unit before the bombs happened. He stayed with him afterwards, despite losing his memory. As they lived in their bunker with a group of low tiers that they were raising, he fell in love with their caretaker Emma, a Pz.III A. One of the low tiers got jealous and gave their position away to the Rainmakers, who happened to be nearby and attacked the bunker. During the attack, Emma got buried by debris and they had to leave her behind, for which Fang is still blaming himself.  
“Well, isn’t that cute.”   Fang’s cannon was pointed at the Pz.II’s back. She had turned her turret around halfway, but didn’t dare to spin it any further into his direction. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked with a snarl, not only addressing her but also the Grille that was in front of her, facing away from him as well.   Distant sounds of shots and screaming had been filling the air but now everything had fallen silent. That meant that Dresden and Siren had finished their work, leaving only these two tanks to take care of. And apparently they had thought that they could get away by sneaking through the town while their comrades were dying.   They had thought wrong. Fang had found and followed them, and he had heard what they had called each other.


Family Ties

He calls Dresden and Siren his brothers.


Voice like a chainsmoker, coarse language.

Tank Destroyers
The North
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
The Pack
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
German, English, some Russian. Can read Cyrillic, but with great difficulty.
Age ~85 W (according to himself)
Former name Rüdiger
by wapy
[human AU version]


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