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The Millinch Whirlpools

Location   The Millinch Whirlpool is situated between The Causway and The Inch, one of the biggest of The Eastern Isles. The Causway is a series of hills half-submerged by the ocean. It has served as the main road to the Isles for centuries.

During the last century, the local clans, as well as the Thane and the Archive, have provided resources to build a series of short and high bridges to 'jump' from one hill to the other. The largest and longest of the bridges is the one spanning the short sea channel between the last hill of the Causway and the Inch. The Locals call it The Whale Hump because of its strange (arcane?) shape.

This last bridge was particularly welcome as the sea channel was infamously riddled with small whirlpools that would make it easy for boats to capsize and go under.    


  The whirlpools are a strange phenomenon: they seem to appear randomly across the surface of the channel be it night or day. The sea can look calm and welcoming one minute, and start churning the next.

Local clansmen raised on or near the Causway are usually able to read the atmospheric pressures and the 'signs' that The Rout - as they call the Millinch channel - is about to broil.

At times the connection between the small whirlpools is such that they merge into a giant whirlpool of their own. These usually happen when the weather is stormy and the currents have been whipped up by the wind and affected by lower atmospheric pressures.

The new bridge has made sure that anyone can move on to the island of Inch without being pray to the whirlpools. The island has benefited from the more stable connection with much of the good coming from Farside crossing the bridge instead of taking boats to moor further south at Duninch.     Myth and Legends   Many myths are attached to the Causway. It is said that locals and other people in the know have another way to cross the Causway hills. Seemingly, a series of underground caverns link the hills together and this passage is a much safer bet to travel to the island than trying to brave the whirlpools at Millinch.


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