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Summer Camp 23 - My Pledge

I pledge to achieve the SILVER bagde during July 2023 to improve my world of ALVEN- THE HOLLOW MOONS.   I make this promise to myself, my future readers, the World Anvil community, and the world, which is made better by my creative spirit.   Thus wrote MOONDARE!

Homework Week 1: POWER

This theme is ideal. It will get me to use the character relationships and diplomacy web features for the first time!

Power in Alven is manyfold:

  • between the Clans and even among The Clanbearers

  • between The Arkivon and The Sanctuary

  • between the main regions of Alven, notably the rich Southern clans in Sutherlands and The Eastern Isles

  • within the Arkivon itself, the Circles fight for influence around their chosen leader the Steward of the Arkive

  • the underground powerful guild of the The Ambulant Men and its growing infiltration of the country's seats of power

  • the budding powerplay and schism forming among the Selkes which will produce life-changing events for the whole of Alven

  • the growing dissent within the little-known court of the Ferians of Loch Den as democratic ideas spread like wildfire among the more disenfranchised of its people

  • All to play for. However, for Summer Camp 2023, I would like to really concentrate on the book's characters and their relationships and not stray too far into a rabbit hole of worldbuilding. Easier said than done!

    Homework Week 2: FRONTIER

    The world of Alven has many frontiers ... because I think frontiers are where the adventure is at!

    A few frontiers to explore:
  • The Lostlands: the undiscovered parts of the Alven continent shrouded in mystery and the ruined cities of the Ancestors

  • due to the invention of the Hot air balloons, the skies have become a new frontier and attract the most adventurous of Alvenites

  • The Lost Coast is a Western like frontier. A place where the banished and unaffiliated can start a new life. Life is harsh there but there is no price for freedom.

  • The hot air balloon craze sweeping the country is pushing more adventurers and explorers to survey once inaccessible places in the The Farside Mountains. What will they discover there?

  • Alven is a mysterious place with many hidden secrets in its heights and depths as well as its borders.

    Homework Week 3: RELICS

    When I saw this theme, I nearly jumped out of my seat. Most of Alven's magic can only be accessed through relics.
    So I think I will have plenty to write about!

    I would like to spend some time with the
    Rod of Power or rods of power.
    Without revealing too much about the book's plot, the rods of power play an important role within the Hollow Moon's story, and I can't wait to flesh them out properly.

    Homework Week 4: COMMUNICATION

    That's a very good theme as well. Worldanvil, you are spoiling us this year!
    Being part of a society on the cusp of an industrial revolution means that there are many ways for the Alvenites to communicate.
    However, status and where one is situated within the continent play an important role in what people can access.

      - traditionally, merchant caravans and ambulant traders who ply their trades along Alven's main axis have been carrying parcels, messages and letters for anyone who has money to spend or something to barter with - the only problem is that it takes sometimes weeks or months for the mail to traverse the country and reach its destination

  • the Arkivens and the seers of the Sanctuary rely on faster methods to carry their important missives.

  • The Arkivon trains crows and other birds to carry their messages while the Sanctuary relies on the Alven hawk and innocuous-looking pigeons to do the same.

  • in the north, but rarely in the south, clansmen can rely on couriers on the back of The Dragonnet

  • then, modern times have brought the Gazettes.

  • They print weekly - even daily in Alven's populous urban centres -the country's news and rumours. In some areas of Alven, gazettes have developed a tight system of distribution to spread their product.

    And there is more ...
    Through arcane means, the magic users of Alven can wield certain relics to direct their thoughts towards one another 
    .. and that new-fangled invention, the hot air balloon, could open up some new business opportunities for some forward-thinking entrepreneurs.


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    Jun 30, 2023 16:28 by Polina "Line" Arteev

    I think we both had a little "jump out of your seat" moment with the relics theme drop! Best of luck with SummerCamp! I hope all of the ideas cooking in your brain find the perfect prompt to jump out for this month!! :D

    Seek a new dawn, in Malkora!
    The Feral Sovereign sleeps peacefully, but will return...
    Jun 30, 2023 17:16 by Laure Yates

    You too! Thanks for reading. :D

    Jul 5, 2023 16:48 by Sailing Ocelot

    Yarr! Best of luck with yer silver goals for Summercamp. I'd love to see an article or two about your hot air balloons, and how they might be used for an adventure. I wonder if we'll get any vehicle prompts for this event? How are you finding the copper prompts so far? Something you mentioned that stuck out for me is that you want to concentrate on worldbuilding directly for your book's characters. I hope the prompts help guide that. A lot of us do full into that rabbit hole. Something that I try to do is link my articles to another that is relevant to my visual novel, or see if I can put a quote from my visual novel in the article to make it more centred upon that. Best of luck!

    ~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot
    Jul 6, 2023 16:03 by Laure Yates

    Hey, thanks for popping in Ocelot, yeah, I would love a vehicle prompt. The hot air balloons feature heavily in the novel - air ships I suppose. I need to dig a bit deeper in the way they would work in Alven, so that would get me thinking about that at least. All copper prompts nearly done, one left! I was able to link most of them to people or events in the book, so not too bad. Hope you're doing well with yours. I'll read your articles once they come up in my notifications. :D