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Pendant of Death's Warm Embrace

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His soft voice rang through the thick foggy air. The gloom of the swamp filling his vision, the warm glow of a distant settlement silhouetting the horizon. Gjorn noticed ephemeral shadows moving about in the darkness, slowly edging their way toward him.   The thick vines growing in the muck of the swamp threatened to fill his heavy boots. Changing the pitch of his song, a small light emanated from his palm. The gloom of the swamp pressing back on the light. “Odd place. This feels like a much different place than the branches of the tree.”   He began walking forward, the slosh of the water filling his ears. “Those silhouettes are persistent, I'm going to assume they are like the Shadows. I probably shouldn't linger here long.” The ghostly shades hanging around the edges of his light. He felt his boot kick something. Stooping down, hand slipping into the grimy water, fingers closing around something solid.   The crystal pendant in the shape of an odd bird's skull. A distant memory filled his mind, an old book filled with the lives of lost souls. The feathers of a black bird, feathers void of color. Crimson eyes, kind and caring. “Would you like to hear a story?...”   The words echoed out in his skull, reverberating endlessly. Swiveling his head around he saw nothing, he placed the pendant back in the water with a ginger hand. He changed his pitch again, a fold imperceptible in reality tore through the ground. The swamp drained into it, the pull of water trying it’s best to unbalance him. Walking through it, the rip closing behind him. Back in the camp outside Glaion.   “Odd place, but an interesting relic that was. A nice change of pace to experience a warm embrace of death.”


The memory that flooded Gjorn's mind, a hazy past filled with innumerable hands. A brief glimpse of death incarnate, a goddess of another world. An inevitability of unknown destinations. He assumed the object had to have been passed down as some type of badge of office for this black feathered humanoid he had seen.


The pendant, at least to Gjorn's speculation, a symbol of office or station. Being unfamiliar with this world, he could only speculate.
Unique, Foreign Planes Object
Base Price


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I will be waiting for you at the very end, and I will want to hear all about your journey when we meet again. ;)

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