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"Land of the Fallen Gods"

"The land was once an alpine paradise, great forests filled with all manners of life. Here is where the mortal races were once said to have lived side by side with the gods. Now it is a barren wasteland, broken by The Ravaging."
The subcontinent of Upursal resides in the northern end of the world, between the Andalashin Mountains and the Eperom Wall. Its length spans from the Gloomy Sea in the north east to the White Stone Sea to the south west. Beyond the Eperom Wall in the north lies the arctic tundra of Ersom. To the south beyond the Andalashin Mountains lies the largest forest in Nog Ereud. To many of Elvin and Dwarven blood it is known as the Land of the Fallen Gods. Here is where The Ravaging broke the land, turning it into the barren wasteland it is now today. Few make this region their home. Far to the south the Veran have carved out a home in the few habitable areas near the White Stone Mountains. In the north few dwell. It is a hard land that breeds hard men.

Forgotten History

The once home of the Gods is scarcely written about in history. The few surviving texts refer to the land as Arcadia, a paradise where many of the mortal races lived in peace while offering prayers and gifts to the Gods. It's said that following the Ravaging, many accounts and texts were burned to forget the history of the now broken land. It's unclear as to what exactly happened during the Ravaging. Some accounts read of gods turning on one another and others tell of a natural cataclysm that shattered the land, killing all life.


The Northern Barrens

In the north beyond the Lone & Ashen River is known as the Northern Barrens. A land of an endless harsh winter and a volcano that blocks out the sun. Little life ventures out this far and many have come to name it, the Land of the Dead. Along this stretch of land are three mountains; Tambes, Mrlos & Konos. Tambes is a living volcano that is said to be the tomb of Esnis, the Embodiment of Destruction. At its eastern base lies the Pool of Ashes. A scalding lake that can melt any ship that lingers for too long in its waters. To the east lies Mrlos, a mountain that lies in eternal darkness. Many believe that within the mountain lies to the gateway to the afterlife. Anyone who has gone searching for it has never returned. Further east overlooking the Gloomy Sea lies Konos, the largest mountain in the world. Konos is said to be the first thing created when they built the world. Reaching far into the clouds, it's said the gods would sit atop it and watch over all life.

The Southern Pillars

To the south of the Lone & Ashen River lies land barely fit for life. Here lies the Black Lakes & the White Stone Mountains. What little life there is makes its home in this area. The land remained empty after the Ravaging for thousands of years. It was not until after the Bloodletting began that many proto & dwarves fled here looking for new and unexplored lands. What they found was a hard land that no one would want to live. Here is where the Veran would make their home. Surviving off the bounty of the White Stone Sea to the South. After many years they would venture noth but never out of reach of the Southern Pillars.
Alternative Name(s)
Arcadia, Land of the Fallen Gods


The Eperom Wall

White Stone Mountains




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