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Pantheon of the Dawn

The Pantheon of the Dawn holds mixed meanings to many races throughout the world. To many the Gods of the Dawn are feared and to utter their name brings only pain. To others the Gods of the Dawn are another part to life. Where Ammsa brings life to the earth, Bhratis comes to return that life to the ground so that the cycle can begin anew. While it is only Bhratis who ferries the souls of the dead, Stela is also referred to as the Goddess of Death as she guides the souls to her husband.

The Incarnate

Bhratis, Embodiment of Dusk

Bhratis is the transition between light and dark. He is the youngest of the three brothers and in the Physical Realm he is the embodiment of Death. After the creation of the mortal races, Deywos came to Bhratis and asked if he would guide the souls of the dead to the afterlife. He agreed but was told that any soul deemed not worthy is sent to the pits of the world to suffer in darkness. He would spend most of his time in between the two realms. As in between is no place for most beings he would often spend centuries alone. After the creation of the Kado, he would steal time away to be with Stela in the Immaterial Realm.

The Celestials

Stela, Embodiment of the Stars

Stela is the embodiment of the Stars. In the immaterial realm she lived in peace as she enjoyed the tranquility of the endless void. When her husband was asked to guide the souls of the departed, she asked if she could be a beacon not only for the dead but also for her husband. Deywos agreed and its said that when a soul passes over a single star can be seen in the sky to guide the soul to the gates of the afterlife. She is the light in the darkness to guide and love her husband as he takes on the daunting task of ferrying the souls to the afterlife. She is fond of her niece Mari and often worries about her as she is the only one tasked to oversee the waters below.

Weita, Embodiment of the Hunt

Weita is the Embodiment of the Hunt. Its said that when Ammsa created the animals of the world, Weita was the one who decided who were the preditors and the prey. When these creatures began to roam the earth he was dispointed with many of them and spent thousands of years perfecting the perfect hunters. When the mortal races were created he choose a select few and trained them in his ways. He chose to follow Bhratis as he respected the task placed upon him and believed in the balance between the light and darkness.

Dsala, Embodiment of War

Dsala is the Embodiment of War. Commonly known as the War Mistress, she is filled with a hunger for violence that can never be filled. When Reknis turned on his brothers she welcomed the war and faught all of the other gods not caring what came of the outcome. She would even fight her husband for sport.    


The Gods of Death bear no children, its believed that because Stela holds no mortal form she is unable to have children.

Oqoros, Embodiment of Patience

Oqoros is the child of the Hunt and the War Mistress. She was created to be the total instrament of war. She is th embodiment of Patience and has been known to spend years to hunt a single creature. Many who believe themselves to be true masters of war will often boast of their godlike patience on the battefield.

Ava, Embodiment of Grace

Ava is the Embodiment of Grace and is the shepard of all birds. Ava detests violence and is often questioned if she is truly the daughter of the war mistress. Like the birds she shepards, she often takes flight at a moments notice. Many women of royalty will often pray to Ava before formal events in the hopes of showing godlike grace.  

Primordial Deities

The Kado

When Bhratis began to ferry souls to the after life, he would come across the purest of souls that held a light that illuminated the afterlife. He asked the souls if they would help his wife guide those to the afterlife. Many agreed and were placed in the Immaterial realm. Touched by his gift, Stela would ask if any would return to the Physical Realm to help her husband. Few would agree but those who did were granted a new mortal form. The Kado remain out of sight to the mortal races as they are beings not natural to the Physical Realm. In past centuries Deywos was against the Kado as he believed that once a mortal died they should not return to their world.


Those referred to as Devils are Kado that have been tasked by Bhratis to hunt down the dark souls that have escaped from the depths of the world. Historically the Kado are unknown to the mortal races but with the rise of unnatural creatures filling the land, the Kado venture out to collect these dark souls. They hunt the lands for Demons and Pit Fiends.

Wondhejo, Embodiment of the Wind

Wondhejo was once said to be a normal eagle untill Deywos plucked it from the sky and bestowed upon it the power of the gods. He then tasked the eagle to travel the lands for any sign of his brother trying to escape. This upset Ava as birds were always meant to be free.  
Religious, Pantheon


Bhratis: Crow
Stela: Stars
Weita: Hawk
Dsala: Sword
Oqoros: Fox
Ava: Dove
The Kado: Crow
Devils: Crow Eye

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