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Golden Sea

The Golden Sea lies in he north east where Nog Hhreud, Hhwecalan & the Spring Isles meet. Its gets its name from the calm weather that often see's clear skies with endless amounts of sun. During the evening when the sun is setting, the ocean will often turn red earning it the nickname the "Red Sea".


The sea connects the continents of Nog Hhreud & Hhwecalan to the Spring Isles. In-between these three regions, there are hundred of smaller islands with little life on them. Sailors can often sail peacefully through the area as the weather hardly turns and the open waters allows ships to spot hostile vessels from miles away.


The Golden sea see's year round calm weather with temperatures neve exceeding 90 degrees. The calm weather allows for calm sailing with few storms causing sailors trouble. During the months of Araḫ Simanu & Araḫ Abu, the sea does experience heavy warm rains but do not cause troublesome seas.

Natural Resources

The sea has a bountiful amount of sea life leading for easy fishing, little fighting takes place in the region as many lords and nobles do not wish to see the sea life leave the area for calmer waters.



Its believed that when Louksus, Bringer Of The Moon left the mainland, he hopped from island to island before settling in a cave where he has slept for thousands of years. Its believed the islands he leaped across are the small lifeless islands scattered throughout the Golden Sea

~950 BEM

Some time around 950 BEM, several tribes of elves took to the sea in the east in search for new lands. Many were tired of the greedy tribes of man that plagued the mainland. For several weeks they sailed until they reached one of the many far off islands from legend. Over they years they would make a new home in what they would found a Kingdom in the Spring Isles.
Alternative Name(s)
The Red Sea

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