The Gate Chronicles Everything begins and ends with the Forest.

First came the fire that rained down upon the Ancient World. Then the silence. And finally the New Dawn.   I remember that night. The skies were stained red by the fury of the universe and it was as if she, the Earth, was crying. In her rage, her body quaked as she tore herself asunder.   We were separated as the landmasses were pulled apart. Cities toppled over into the deep, now long forgotten by the elders of your tribes. Memories always fade with time. But the stillness of the morning I could never forget.   Those that remained crept out from their shelters. Nair a word was uttered as we found our world quite changed. When the fires died down and the rains started again did we first see the result of our meddling.   The time will come when these old bones will pass on to the Light and the warnings I have spoken will be lost. But I will not yield my words until my last breath. Beware the beasts that not only live within the Forest but also within men. Fear the promises of eternity that the Fallen will bring. And heed the call of Justice lest we bring her to her knees again.   -Thomas Ray, First Chief of Ashpi


The Gate Chronicles is set in a world where an ancient civilization with far superior technology and advancements suddenly fell during an event commonly referred to as "The Catastrophe".

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