Samantha Mason

Dr. Samantha Mason (she/her)

Samantha Mason (born Samantha Price) is a xenoanthropologist working on New Oxford and studying the Asta, a sapient species native to a planet below the moon with the human colony. From the very first day of her work, she has been writing a journal with an intent of eventually publishing it in an almost raw and barely edited form. She wants to give other people an opporutinity to get the most true view of the Asta as possible.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Samantha was born in 2330 in the North American Administrative Region on Earth to a quite well off family. Her father had a high executive position in a corporation which conducts buisness across many star systems, while her mother was the boss of their city's public transportation. Samantha has fond memories of her childhood. Her parents were supportive in her education and allowed her to pursue her hobbies and interests.

After graduating high school, Samantha enrolled at a university and studied xenoanthropology. During her studies she met Jack Mason, her future husband, who was studying genetics at the time. They didn't fall in love instantly. For several months they were just friends. Everything changed during one party organized by their mutual friend. Samantha noticed that Jack was looking at her in a way that implied something more. Normally, Samantha would ignore such things, but the few glasses of wine she already had made her decide to see where it could lead. From that moment their relationship started to drift more and more towards a romantic one. Just a few months later they were engaged and planning the wedding. They got married just after Samantha got her bachelor's degree.

For her master's degree, Samantha wanted to do something more practical and "hands-on". This is when she learnt that there were graduate courses in xenoanthropology on New Oxford. Moving there was also an opportunity for Jack as genetics research was also very well developed on New Oxford. They both started their graduate studies in the year 2355. After graduating she immediately started work on her PhD. Also, for her exceptional academic results she was offered a researcher position which she accepted. Meanwhile, she gave birth to her son, Adam.

Today, Samantha works at the New Oxford University where she conducts research and teaches students.


During her studies, both on Earth and New Oxford, Samantha worked the typical student jobs. She was a waitress, a babysitter and a bookstore clerk. After her master's studies she was immediately offered a researcher position for her good results. She works there to this day.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes


  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Good food
  • Dislikes

  • Laziness
  • Boredom
  • The surgical and cosmetic alterations required to go to the Asta. They are itchy.
  • Virtues & Personality perks

  • hard working
  • empathic and good listener
  • Vices & Personality flaws

  • sometimes overworks herself
  • has trouble accepting help (despite being eager to offer it to others)
  • Social

    Family Ties

    Samantha lives with her husband Jack and their 10 year old son, Adam. She stays in regular contact with her parents on Earth and visits them from time to time. Her parents would like to be visited more often, but travel times between Earth and New Oxford make that hard to achieve.

    Social Aptitude

    Samantha is a social person. She has always enjoyed spending time with her friends and is very likeable. According to her friends, Samantha has a good sense of humour as well as is a good person to talk to when someone is having problems.

    Current Status
    Studying the Asta
    Current Location
    Year of Birth
    2330 CE 40 Years old
    Shoulder-length, black
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation

    Cover image: Galaxy by Jeremy Thomas


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