The Fair

The fair is at the centre of the faery realm. It is a neutral place where no fighting or Glamour is allowed. At the centre is a large pink granite stone, and a pair of similar smaller waist-high stones stand on either side of each of the five paths into the fair. One path comes from each of the five courts.   There are no set paths between the stalls in the fair, and the deeper you go from the central stone the more of a maze it becomes.    In order to become a trader at the fair you need to complete a trade and then have it verified by placing your hand on the central stone. If it is accepted then you are marked as a trader and will be able to set up a stall in the future.
The fair was a sprawl of wooden stalls, tables, individuals selling items from their hands, cloths set on the ground, wagons parked with their wares set out on them, and tables set up wherever there was space. Some had clothes, or pots of pungent substances, or a variety of dried leaves.
— Fae Fair

Cover image: by Stock photo purchased from DepositPhotos


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