Starlight was subtle and mystical, searching for secrets and deeper magic. It was a court of wonder and delight, which kept its treasures close. But they were destroyed by Sunlight after their sproutling was stolen.   The path to Starlight from the Fair is now hard to find. If you know where to look you can see the remnants of the gravel that formed it. Only those with a token to open the doors were able to enter between the ash trees after circling the mound three times widdershins. Once inside (though the mound hasn't opened since the tragedy) walls of woven reeds draw you deeper in, while pinpricks of light guard the mound's secrets.   The thrones of starlight were woven from tree roots, a shared seat for the King and Queen. Leprecauns served the court, though they have barely been since since its fall.


Founding Date
Starlight had been a Court of wonder, of delights and secrets. A place you only gained entrance to by invitation.
— Fae bargains

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