The Moonlight Court is introspective and inconsistent, full of visions and looking to the future. They welcome seers and visionaries. Those who can prophesy are lauded and given honours, while the rest of the fae of the court are forced to work for them.   The path to Moonlight from the Fair is made of woodchip, with a line of small white stones marking the edge. Once at the clearing, you can never predict if the gate between the birch trees with be open or not. Sometimes there are guards, sometimes someone waits inside to open if a visitor calls. If you do manage to enter then follow the paths between the tapestries, or duck under them if you dare to follow the hidden paths behind.   It is ruled by Yseult, Queen of Moonlight and her daughter Eloise, Heir of Moonlight. Evan/Uvanli ter Egureou grew up there, but left when he took up his role as Guardian of the Gates. Her throne is made of giant stones, hewn from deep in the ground. She is served by hobs and rules with an icy fist. Most of the Moonlight fae follow her fashion of shades of white and cream, which makes them difficult to tell apart.
Founding Date
Why would anyone choose to come to Moonlight Court? Unless they were a seer, of course.
— Fae Fair

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