Dawnlight is the court of ambition and cunning, hoarding all they can collect and reaching for more.    The path to Moonlight from the the Fair is made of separate stone slabs, in a crazy paving style. The path winds round the trees to the clearing where the mound is. To access the court of Dawnlight you need to convince the permanent guards standing in the clearing to open the gate between the chestnut trees for you. Once inside, the walls are made of small stones fitted perfectly together.   The Queen of Dawnlight has ruled for many many moons, and amassed a large collection of treasures. Her throne is ostentatious, made of precious metals and large gems. Imps serve her court, where the fae of Dawnlight favour plain coloured silks, adorned with gems and large metal jewellery.
Founding Date
She studied the fae and saw similar faces to those she knew back home. The popular girls, the boys showing off to impress them, the older more experienced at the edges, just all with pointy ears and crueller expressions.
— Fae Fair

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