The evergreen Shackling of the Timberlands

Shackling of the Timberlands

Military: War


Their gods were gone. In the gloom of the Black Exodus, the inhabitants of the Timberlands had lost their protectors. The blessed Tokaarii had vanished. And, it seems, it would not be the only blow to befall them.
  And at the height of their confusion, a cold haze lay just on the horizon. In the dead of night, the Ynellian patriarchs of the Red Throne fell upon the Timberland Peninsula like a black shower. Their crimson eyes lit with feverish ecstasy.

Back during the days of the Black Exodus, much of the Caaṯhavilixe(Timberlands) had fallen to the Ṯhovnu Ṉaichird(Crimson Throne). The Ynellian had long deemed it their duty to spiritually subjugate us, the Dhagómaari, who owed much of their blood to the hDacónůr magisters.   In this Age of Lost Dreams, the Ynellian held the heart of the Timberlands in a great vise. They were a red serpent, mighty and old. For many centuries, they pressed upon us. Hungry. The weight of their long frame squeezing upon our very nature.   As part of their so-called 'rehabilitation,' the Caaṯhavilixe had been broken and divided among the Munchkins and Pygmies. The Ynellian would have them abandon the ways of our forefathers. Forget the wisdom born of their temples. Scar their souls with terrible sorceries. All as they swallowed the Forgotten Dells whole.   The Daemons rebelled. But soon, too, so many people were taken, charred, and enslaved.   These Ynellian 'thrones' that took control of the Timberlands would come to be known as the Strelosian Imperium, the Hylaina Commonwealth, and the Southern Dominion of Faerus.

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