Imperial Awakening

Discovery, Scientific


We knew very well that hílos contained unique properties, able to absorb and discharge magicks. However, it was Sir Phairein Corúgann who uncovered the true worth of augmentation. It is his work that brought about the principles of crystal-based layering and a new age of magick tools that followed. His work has defined the confines of the Modern era and new-age technologies.

Phairein Corúgann was born Daeúr, one of many hundreds of Cothairne slaves of Oues Dméric, on Rhys 1st, 3698 RG. In his youth, Daeúr appeared to be a very dull and reticent child. He was weak and did not appear to have much or any talent for magick. He was unable to work the mines with his brothers nor serve Geul nobles in the court. So, Daeúr was left to sort seratse crystals in the smithy. There Daeúr grew unusually fascinated by the crystals. He was a natural-born augmenter with a great talent for magick and proclivity towards augmentation. Phairein, as he called himself, dedicate all of his time to the philosophy of magick and its concepts looking for clues as to how to make layered augmentations. While studying the principles of augmentation, it was said that Seirraht refined aug-layering by the usage of Hílos. He analyzed the properties of hílos by infusing several augmentations in hílos crystals and folding those crystals into various metals.

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