The Twilight Revolutions



R̂i Oisrá Cr̂ilixe, "the Twilight Revolutions." While the events may have pushed the Timberlands into an era of cultural restoration. You must know that the Dhagómaarĵ's rise came at the cost of the Fourth Ynellian Empire. A collapse, which they were not wholly responsible for, further propelled the mainland into veritable chaos. The Dhagómaari were just one of many. Many waves that could no longer tolerate the wall that was Ynellian hubris.

The Twilight Revolutions

Know well that if the Age of Blue Dawn brought about generations of absolute supremacy, the Age of Lost Dreams was a sorrowful submission. It was a bitter tide laying a harrowing servitude upon its people. Is it no wonder? Its end came about by a bloody revolution.   When the Twilight Revolutions befell the Timberlands, the order of the Crimson Throne lay broken, like shackles thrown asunder. This schism of the Ynellian, though not the central cause of the conflicts that would follow, greatly affected the landscape of the Timberlands.   However, to this day, many historians point to the Blood Tower Massacre as the defining factor.   It was a most heinous act. One, no many, which saw thousands upon thousands of Dhagómaar males butchered. Young and old. Their eversouls maimed to form blasphemous tomes in the name of Dennattońe r̂i Buti (Dennattońe the Beast), the last Ashen Lord of the Timberlands. He was naught more than a beast; savage, power-mad, and hungry.   It was his hands that slaughtered many innocents in the name of dominion. A righteous flame swallowed the hearts of Iyóhuin, severing the chains that lay upon the Dhagómarri. The fourteen tribes gathered under the banner of their ancestors, dethroning Dennattońe in 4111 C.O.   Chaos reigned freely, darkness strode over the ash-green forests, and monstrous beasts hid in the shadows. Yet the Ynellian ruled them no more. As Asr̗on̗del's foolish head rolled, the Timberlands were free once more.

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