The evergreen The War of Crowns

The War of Crowns

Military action


It was during this time that the Gaechi Cóbrinnea began to reevaluate their values, having drifted toward war, expansion, and solidarity from knowledge and democracy. The layers of republic peeled away slowly as crowns rose to sovereignty once more.

This was an era of great knowledge and enlightenment amongst those of the mainland, while a period of deadly expansion, strife, enmity for the Auollymirian Peninsula. This era saw the reestablishment of "magister" schools all across the land as a new precedent of strict disciplines, nationality, and war conveyed the importance of magick. The nations under new leaders strode onward with their focus being less on the reconstruction of ancient history but reincorporation of lost magical knowledge. An yet, new philosophers arose, reexamining the concepts of embers and magick's overall importance to the world around them. It was their studies that led to a greater understanding of the laws that grounded the world and magick. While these philosophies did spread with great vigor, the hollow peace established, however, would last no longer.

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