The evergreen First Haallish-Ríaun War.

First Haallish-Ríaun War.

Military action

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A war spanning around nearly 30 years, the First Hållish-Ríaun War. was a devastating contest of secession where the Raunish people of San Ríaune rallied against the Luminous Empire of Caadinnle.

It began with Bhryn Sybeth of House Séonnez who initiated the deaths of thousands of bloodmarked in his province due to them being inferior beings. As a fervent believer of A’Désaumé (The Yearning Soul), Sybeth saw himself as one who could place Ceirra's chosen people back in their rightful place at the top. Bhryn Vilhenna of House Séonnez, Sybeth’s great-niece, was the last of five Raunish kings who followed this ever-growing trend, advocating for San Ríaune’s separation with the full favor of the Raunish peoples.   From 1461 to 1230 B.A, each and every petition to the Assembly by the Raunish Bhryn was rejected, all of the Assembly advising the Raunish to stay in the kingdom. In 1237, Vilhenna Né'Séonnez, the current Bhryn of the time, petitioned for the independence of their province. Like before the petition was rejected by the Assembly, however, the rejection was given the grace of Ce Makenna, the princess of Hålaèrenn.   It would be then, that Vilhenna denounced the Se'gwellian’s ruling, garnering the full support of the Order Espinia.   At the time much of the Bhryn’s power came from the Order, many of their number being heavily interwoven into the provincial government as well as much of Ríaune's citizenry being stout believers of A’Désaumé. Under the guidance of the Order, Vilhenna abolished the monarchy long held by the province instead giving full power to the church, and becoming its first Aolainne (saint). On the 23rd of Eun 1235 ab, the first mandate of the Order under the leadership of Aolainne Vilhenna was the whole scale Reunification of the Motherland, an order which saw the execution of nearly 4,000 bloodmarked slaves and 300 Hållish supporters. The execution was carried out by Espinia magisters and numerous Ríaune citizens, utilizing their magicks to incinerate, shred, and drown their defenseless captives to death. A move that not only consolidated power and unified believers but ultimately outraged many Hållish for the barbarity of their actions.   And yet, the only actions taken by the Assembly were trade sanctions, which barred off many parts of Rhys Isatia to Ríaune, as well a public declaration to all allied nations to altogether cease or reduce trade to the rebel nation. At first, while seen as rather lenient or apathetic to the fallen, it proved to be a tremendous impediment to Ríaune growth and stability as much of their resources had been provided to them by import unlike the rest of the An Royseu region.   It was not long after that the First Hållish-Riaune War occurred, the Chaveila attacking the city of Dhuar Llís on the 1st of Syr 1230 B.A, what many referred to as the Enmity Struck by the Virgin Hour. At the dead of night, Dhuar Llís, a large mining town near the border of Ausloc, which sat in the Crescent Rúdalla was ravaged by the full might of the Order Chaveila. It was said that the haggard screams of the citizens punctured the quiet dawn, ringing out like a great baleful storm of singing wraiths as the city and its people were burned to meer withering ashes.

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