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Hwyl-House (wheel-haus)

Eager tourists and despondent tourists both know this place. Usually because both descriptions fit those who enter within, just the before and after emotions.   While the public face of the place is designed to be a place of entertainment, albeit of the risky kind, it is a front for a more sinister purpose. In rooms above the casino are conducted the darkest business of the island. Here it is that the pimps, outright thieves, panderers, and assassins meet. It is a careful balance that they try to maintain between profit and success, for an excess of profit here can mean severe repercussions later.   Criminal groups cannot do as they will, for they will either be killed or jailed if they anger the law-abiding people they prey upon. They must skim, and do so oh so gently, that the extraction of the desired resource; gold, jewels, influence, sex, or death doesn't reach levels that would demand an organized response.   Within the Hwyl-House are determined those policies that will best allow the criminal element to prosper, and be subtle enough to allow for uninterrupted pursuit of their professions. Their skimming must be minimal, their assassinations low-key or done in such a way as to not be obviously a murder. The pickpockets and other outright thieves must be circumspect in their targets. Brothel owners must maintain a veneer of cleanliness and free choice among its 'employees' and not 'recruit' those whose presence would be missed by family or others or who would be recognized by the customer.   One might be surprised to know that being successful criminals is not a matter that can be left to chance.

Purpose / Function

Primarily to separate patrons from their monetary resources. The owners of the Hwyl-House make no excuses for their stated purpose, but do spice it with the adventure of it all and examples of winners.


Compact, with several stories above ground. The area available to build in Hwyl-Hwyl is limited so buildings usually go as high as building materials allow.


Despite the known public purpose of the place, the lure of entertainment and risk draws many people through its doors. People come from Gorsen just across the river as well as from trading and fishing boats going up and down its waters.
Alternative Names
Fun house, Farewell house, The casino,
Parent Location


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