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Saint Herunen

Lady of the Deep (a.k.a. Anaherunen (Elvish))

Divine Domains

Oceans, rivers, and water

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Blue wave

Tenets of Faith

Clerics allowed Weapons: Trident   Clerics allowed Armor: any   Clerical Dress: Blue and green robes   Temple Notes: All temples are near water   Ceremonies: Ceremonies often involve ritual bathing. There is an Elvish ceremony that commemorates the Flight From Minyabar and thanks her for her protection of the Elves while crossing the Brither Sea. There is also a similar ceremony among the Dwarves, which is noted by the ceremonial eating of fish.


Contacts & Relations

Demi-Human Pantheon

Religious Views

Considered an angel by The Way of God.

Divine Classification
Church of Aner
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady of the Deep
Gender Identity
Usually portrayed as female.
Aligned Organization
Church of Aner
Other Affiliations

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