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Magic in Kementari

There are two basic types of magic in Kementari and their differences are important in how spellcasters use magic.

  • Divine Magic- which is the shard of a Great Being's power being entrusted to a mortal.
    • Clerical magic, such as that used by Clerics and Paladins, where the user is acting of the behalf of a Great Being and wields that being's might in the form of prayers calling on that being for intercession.
    • Shamanistic magic, such as that used by Druids and Rangers, where the users seek help from totem spirits- echoes of Aner's dream that exist within all living things.
  • Arcane Magic- which draws upon The Weave. By manipulating The Weave one can change reality itself. All Arcane spellcasters have to be born rather than just trained, as the ability to sense The Weave is not universal, but is necessary for Arcana. There are three main approaches to manipulating The Weave:
    • Wizardry is seeking to fully master The Weave itself- to understand it’s threads and directly pull upon them. The downside to this approach, of course, being that the Wizard needs to know exactly what they want to do, and exactly how to do it. This is why spell preparation is so important to Wizards and why it takes so much training to become one. The benefit though, is that Wizardry is by far the most reliable and standardized form of Arcana. Wizardry also tends to have the most extensive support network and institutions devoted to serving it.
    • Sorcery is an expression of innate natural ability. Most of the magical abilities displayed by magical creatures could be classified as Sorcery. Sorcerers are born and do not generally have formal training. Being born a Sorcerer is even more rare than being merely sensitive to The Weave. Sorcerers have a natural connection to The Weave and have a repository of arcane energy within themselves. Casting a spell for a Sorcerer is like moving a limb. Sorcerers require no conscious understanding of The Weave and instead seek a mastery of themselves. A Sorcerer growing in magical ability is comparable to an athlete growing stronger the more he uses his muscles. Sorcerers of great renown are known for having complete control of their emotions and impeccable self-control.
    • SpellSong or bardic magic, is very odd compared to the other two approaches. SpellSingers shift their own arcane presence in such a way that The Weave attempts to compensate and the spell is produced as a side effect. SpellSingers do need a basic understanding of The Weave, but do not need the extensive technical details required for Wizardry. The also seek mastery of themselves (often through some type of meditation) in order to change their own arcane presence, usually using music as focus. It is generally easier to get started in arcana by learning SpellSong than Wizardry and SpellSingers do not need to spend nearly as much time studying as Wizards do.

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