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Fatima, Kalifa of Ojab

Kalifa of Ojab Fatima

A powerful woman in a culture ruled by men, Fatima tends to be unsure of herself in private. However, in public and in politics, she does not hesitate to make an example of her enemies, lest the men around her think her to be weak and try to usurp her power. Fatima rules almost solely because of her birth and the religious authority that it gives her, and she knows it. Because of her influence, the Caliphate of Ojab is not as conservative as the Kalifate of Lagash or the Kalifate of Shuzia, but it is not as cosmopolitan as the Kalifate of Okedentia, due to a significant conservative element in Ojabi politics. While Fatima currently has the conservatives under control, she always considers them in her decisions, as one mistake will have them attempting to wrest power from her.


Religious Views

A follower of Tarikala.
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1210 42 Years old
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization

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