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Demi-Human Pantheon

Divine Origins

...And it is said that the One Who is the Cause of All Causes slept and dreamed. Aner dreamed of other existences, existences of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, and still others the likes of which we cannot imagine. Aner also dreamed of beings similar to himself, but whose powers were limited, each to their own talents.   These beings began to build in the Dream of Aner. Together, they brought matter from the existences of the elements. For light to work with, they took some Fire and molded it into a ball. More Fire was wrapped with Earth and Water, then with Air. It was sent spinning around the Light. One took the leftover Fire and scattered across the sky. The leftover Earth was shaped into two balls that in turn spun around The Work.   Aner awoke to a light in the distance. Approaching the light, he saw that his Dream had become reality. The Others were afraid that Aner would be offended by their Work, and they prepared to destroy it. However, Aner said "No", and that they should continue their Work, for he was curious about what The Others would do next.   Rejoicing, The Others continued their Work. Anahiritele tilted The Work, and seasons occurred. Anahirigoth began arranging the sparks of Fire in the sky into pleasing patterns. Anaherutar caused plants and trees to cover The Work. Anahirken shaped mountains and valleys. In this way, The Others molded rivers, formed clouds, and created the birds and the beasts.   However, many of The Others were sad, as they had nothing to do. Their talents did not lend themselves to such work. Their sadness ended when Anahirmen showed them strange, new creatures she had made, ones that could think for themselves.   The Others began to teach and bestow gifts on these new creatures, and each showed and affinity for one or two races. These races began to worship The Others, and The Others grew stronger for it. It was then that the last of The Others showed her talent. Hiriltumo corrupted her worshipers in body and soul and they began to drive the other races before her. The rest of The Others weakened because their followers were destroyed or turned from them, while Hiriltumo grew in strength.   Aner saw that Hiriltumo would eventually try to challenge Aner himself, after she had control over all The Work. Aner did not fear the challenge, but he grieved for The Others, and their worshipers, and did not want The Work to disappear. Therefore, Aner commanded Anahirmen to create a new race to restore the balance. Anahirmen replied that there were no more gifts to give the new race. Aner decreed that this new race would not be limited in its numbers as she had done with the others, lest they become too powerful. This would be the gift to the last Race. Aner also commanded that this Race would not have one of The Others as a patron, so that the balance would not be upset again. This new Race he called Man.


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