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Sailors Sore

The itch is the worst
— Traveller


The fungus only appears when Venirans are in extremely humid environments. Not every Veniran is affected, but most are. Those who are not usually just count themselves lucky.


The first symptom is an itchy skalp, as if it was covered in mosquito bites. This is quickly followed by the skin at the hair roots beginning to grow sore. After a few days the hair will also start to get discoloured to a yellow-brown tint.


The most common, and misguided, treatment is to wash the head with water, but this will only cause temporary pain relief and not actually treat the underlaying issue.

While it is possible to stop the disease even in later stages using the methods described under prevention, it may cause a lot more harm than good by stressing the skin a lot more.

There are currently no known ways to properly treat the condition other than leaving the humid area.


There have been only a few recorded cases of the illness progressing far. In all of those cases it was due to an inability to get to drier areas to rid one of the ailment.

The late stages are characterised by serious hair loss due to the sore skin and scab from the bodies reaction to the ailment as well as serious pain.


The easiest and most common way of preventing the ailment is to make sure that the head and hair is covered in fine particles, such as dust, sand or dry dirt. This cover must be thoroughly maintained.


Cases have been recorded many times and for a very long time.

Cultural Reception

Due to how widespread sailors sore is, most Venirans avoid the sea and jungles. The exception to this are a few traders and
Affected Species

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