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Log cabin

I wouldn't call it simple. I would call it cosy.
— Xalnan elder

In the norther parts of what is former Xalnan land there are some parts of the population that live in very forested areas, allowing them to be frivolous with wood. This goes to the point where they can build entire houses out of tree logs.

Purpose / Function

As with most houses, the log houses is meant to protect against the elements. Most of this comes in the form cold and rain during the winter and over night.


One thing that has changed over time has been the sizes of these types of buildings. They have gotten so large that the word "cabin" doesn't really apply to every building built with this method of construction.


The cabins consist on a compressed dirt floor on which logs are stacked on top of each other while interlocking the end bits with each other in order to create a rectangular set of walls with space for an entrance.

A roof is put on top. The materials used on the roof vary a little, but the two most common ones are "thatched roof", which is made of a thick layer of dry reeds or straw, and the "green roof" where grass or another type of growing plant is allowed to and encouraged to grow on the roof.

The green roof is said to require more maintenance, but makes the climate in the house more consistent over the seasons. When Venirans have to stay in one of these houses they usually prefer the thatched version because it is a little dryer, aiding in preventing Sailors Sore


Log cabins have existed in Xalnan history tells, both in writing and in oral stories.


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