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I care not if you believe me, for I know what I saw and I know what it was.
— Secluded munk


Even the oldest records tell of sightings of a giant white bird circling above the mountain tops of Hala and the surrounding mountains.

This bird is said to live so high up that not even Venirans can climb up to their height and that the Halatross will only come down to the ground when it dies, because it is born up there and never lands.

The reports of sightings are hazy at best. Some claim to have seen a fuzzy bird shape in the middle of the day which was travelling faster than the clouds, while others are claiming to have seen a shape covering the stars at night.

Historical Basis

There have been so many recordings over time that the Halatross walks the line of being myth and being real in the minds of the Venirans.


Everyone born among Venirans have heard some version of what the bird is supposed to look like and how it behaves, even if they don't always align.

Variations & Mutation

Naturally, most of the variations come in the form of different descriptions of the Halatross and its form. The size for example varies between eagle sized and the size of ships.

Cultural Reception

One interesting tale that has emerged from the mythological Halatross, especially in areas that are far away from Hala, is the tale of the White Wings.

It tells the story of what happens when children misbehave and the Halatross comes to take the child away.

In Art

While there are many nods to the Halatross in all types of art, one has become famous. This piece of art is a painting of a scene from a well known children's tale White Wings. Depicted is a child who is in fear as the talons of the Halatross swoop in to take the child to the sky.

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