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"Those who would cast this Tome open, know that you shall find nothing therein." -Written on the first page of Merlin's Grimoire

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A Grimoire is a Spell Tome that has been enchanted with a tremendous amount of spells weaved together, making it difficult to locate for a Practitioner's foes, making it capable of sliding in and out of interdimensional space, making it larger on the inside, and most importantly, imbuing a part of the Practicioner's will upon the Tome, making it impossible for anyone but the Practicioner to read it.

Manufacturing process

A Grimoire is made by enchanting a large book. These enchantments vary from individual to individual, but to be considered a Grimoire, it must be able to be summoned at any time, it must be able to hold an infinite amount of writing, and it must contain at least a fragment of the creator's willpower, therefore having a small degree of Sentience.


Grimoires were first created by the Order of Heka in Ancient Egypt to prevent rival Practitioners or priests from stealing their Arcane secrets. Since then, making a Grimoire has become a sort of rite of passage for truly educated practicioners, due to the difficulty of their creation.


Grimoires largely keep significance due to the difficulty of their creation, marking the Practicioner wielding it as a true worker of the Arcane Arts.
Item type
Book / Document
Subtype / Model
Grimoires are a difficult type of Spell Tome to create and manage, and so are more rare than standard Spell Tomes.
Raw materials & Components
A Grimoire is made from a large book, and the materials required for the enchantments that the Practitioner wants to put on it.