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Power Grading

Power Grading is an initiative by DEIMOS to catalog and measure out power levels for individuals (and subsequently organisations) using a standardized grading system. This system allows agents to carefully and intelligently gauge a threat before taking action. The system covers a variety of types, from natural abilities to trained weapon affinities.   When grading an individual, DEIMOS assigns a letter denoting class, and then determines a category, based on how their abilities are expressed.  

Part 1. Power Grading System Breakdown (by Type)

  DEIMOS uses six different types to classify an individual during power grading. Where they are concerned, anyone who does not fit into one or more categories is considered a "mundane", or an ordinary person. The majority of DesCha's population are mundanes; most inhabitants of the DesChaverse can also be considered mundanes.  


Extranormals are capable of extraordinary feats, usually considered people with incredible physical or mental abilities. To most mundanes, Extranormals are simply versions of themselves in peak condition. Extranormals themselves can sometimes see themselves as superior to mundanes; however more grounded Extranormals are quick to point out that they are better seen as a forward extension of humanity's desire to achieve greater things.  


Magisters are individuals with innate magical ability. The majority of Magisters in the DesChaverse manifest their abilities through one of two distinct types ( Western and Eastern Magic a third type (Forbidden Magic) is known but highly discouraged due to its instability. Magisters are capable of harnessing magical energy around them into such things as spellcasting, divination, et cetera. Antiphon users are considered Magisters as the energy they harness is attuned through magical energy.  


Metahumans are mundanes that, through circumstance, have received or unlocked powers and abilities that would simply be impossible for other mundanes. Metahumans manifest everything from extra limbs, superhuman senses or reflexes, elemental control, and far more. Metahumans are distinct from Extranormals in the sense that Extranormals are basically mundanes with peak conditioning, able to push the limits of the human condition, while Metahumans are manifesting abilities unavailable to human beings altogether.  


Psionics are individuals who have honed their mental and psychic abilities to the degree that they have transcended the mundane and are now able to freely express psychic abilities. The extent of these abilities are, like all other categories, dependent on the specific person; nevertheless Psionics can become very powerful and only technology capable of nullifying the influence of a Psionic act as a good defense.  


Techs are mundanes with access to wondrous levels of technology: through their own means, through being employed by a company developing such technology, or more nefarious origins. Techs are usually mundanes with high technical aptitude, capable of operating their devices with a degree of finesse and control that would usually tax other mundanes. DEIMOS considers Techs the easiest to track, as most companies in DesCha that dabble in advanced technology either work with DEIMOS or have been infiltrated by them.


Weaponmasters are mundanes that become so attuned to weaponry as a discipline that they become masters of a single weapon, and eventually grow to eventually act akin to a living weapon. Weaponmasters of a given class can sometimes be considered more dangerous than other categories, because of how masterful they are in wielding their chosen weapon (or, at the higher categories, any weapons).  

Part 2. Power Grading System Breakdown (by Class)


Beyond Class S

  At a comparable order of magnitude above Class S, DEIMOS awards an extra 'S' to an individual's listed power grading. The amount of letters added can rise depending on the magnitude of the power level, but generally does not go beyond SSS for mortal beings. Only one person in DesCha (who is not a member of the Overseers) has an SSS ranking.  

Class S

  Class S persons are extremely powerful individuals, possessing powers capable of affecting large swathes of the population, or change the very face of the planet. Class S (and its higher tier subsets such as SS and SSS) denotes a person possessing such immense power that even a fraction of their power could pose a threat to civil safety.   Individuals graded this power level are extremely rare; most tend to be reclusive and avoid attention for fear of what harm their powers could cause (as well as the general stigma and judgement such a powerful being could assign to such a person). DEIMOS considers Class S individuals a top priority, and tracks them closely in order to be in the best position to react should things go awry.   Class S Definitions:
  • Extranormal - Full mastery over a diverse set of abilities
  • Magister - In all likelihood a senior member of the Council of Magisters; forbidden spell mastery and sometimes an actual emanation of magical energies
  • Metahuman - Extremely powerful; has full mastery of all abilities and the power to create derivative powers
  • Psionic - Reality-bending powers; capability to control large amounts of minds; can affect dreams and vastly affect probability
  • Tech - Unearthly weapons technology; things that operate in unheard-of dimensions of space
  • Weaponmaster - Is a living weapon and has possessed great mastery over all other weapons and tools; only another Class S opponent is sufficient in an encounter

Class A

  Class A individuals are usually the highest-ranked individuals of their type in the country. While exceptions may occur (see Class S), Class A individuals are beings of great power and ability, and are monitored by DEIMOS closely as a security measure.   Class A individuals in Biblos are scryed by the Legion Magisteres in order to safeguard the city against any threats.   Class A Definitions:
  • Extranormal - Highly-controlled powers; very diverse power set
  • Magister - A Council of Magisters member; high-ranking and forbidden spell knowledge
  • Metahuman - Insanely powerful; abilities the equivalent of a large national army
  • Psionic - Permanent perception warping; long-distance telepathy
  • Tech - Bleeding-edge technology; matter inversion weaponry
  • Weaponmaster - Undisputed master of that weapon-type; has a unique weapon no-one else can wield; versatile with any weapon given

Class B

  Class B individuals are considered a considerable threat, but manageable. They are monitored by DEIMOS with larger scrutiny than CLASS C individuals. The bulk of DEIMOS's top command structure is composed of Class B agents or higher.   Class B Definitions:
  • Extranormal - Highly-controlled but focused powers or abilities
  • Magister - A high-ranking member of the Legion Magistere; high-ranking spell knowledge
  • Metahuman - Highly-controlled power set; abilities that would require a field team to contend with
  • Psionic - High-functioning telekenesis; city-wide clairaudience or other projection/teleportation ability
  • Tech - State-of-the-art tech; mass-defying weaponry
  • Weaponmaster - Weapon versatility; incredible ability with weapon expertise

Class C

  Class C individuals meet the minimum required level for constant monitoring by DEIMOS. Their names are added to a database, and their activities are followed (but not as regularly as Class B or A). DEIMOS will occasionally contact non-agency Class C individuals to discuss their intentions, and in the event of a Class C character running amok, DEIMOS is almost always the first response service on the scene.   The majority of DEIMOS agents are Class C.   Class C Definitions:
  • Extranormal - Powerful enough to challenge an army division
  • Magister - A lower member of the Legion Magistere or equivalent; access to large and potentially disruptive spells and summons
  • Metahuman - Impressive control over power set; little ability to extend that power
  • Psionic - Telepathy and thought broadcast; phasing and illusion creation
  • Tech - Modern weaponry; slightly ahead of the tech curve
  • Weaponmaster - Proper weaponmastery; usually starts diversifying weapon portfolio

Class D

  Class D implies the near-mastery of one's inborn abilities, and an individual's desire to begin looking for ways to extend or improve their abilities. DEIMOS periodically checks on Class D individuals. UNSC 2114 allows characters of Class D or lower to leave the country with minimal issue.   Class D Definitions:
  • Extranormal - Moderate control over their abilities; world-record holder at a physical or mental task
  • Magister - A Scholastic Magister; medium-to-high-level spells and large spells of some difficulty are known
  • Metahuman - Decent control over their ability; has not reached the limit of that ability
  • Psionic - Minor barrier and mental shielding; basic clairvoyance
  • Tech - Modern black market weaponry, within the boundaries of the mundane world, but only just
  • Weaponmaster - Senior mastering new techniques; has not yet found ideal weapon specifications

Class E

  Class E individuals have only just begun to glimpse the extent of their abilities. People graded Class E have not devoted serious time to the betterment of those abilities, but are starting to realise their potiential. DEIMOS does not regularly monitor Class E individuals unless they group together.   Several low-level lackies of Black Diamond were Class E.   Class E Definitions:
  • Extranormal - Poor to decent control of extranormal abilities; can garner decent public attention with their skills
  • Magister - A Magister-in-training; access to medium-level spells but no real way of controlling spells of that level
  • Metahuman - Average control of the ability; still prone to mistakes and mishaps, but not as much as Class E
  • Psionic - Decent clairvoyance; light telekinesis and soft object manipulation; projection tendrils
  • Tech - Modern tech, to worldly standards; power supplies and ammunition are a big issue
  • Weaponmaster - Junior mastering techniques and form; almost always under the tutelage of a more experienced weaponmaster

Class F

  Individuals ranked Class F are just one level above the minimum. As such, they aren't given any further attention than those of Class G. Most extranormals pursuing this track don't realise the extent of their abilities, but tend to be generally satisfied with where they are.   Class F Definitions:
  • Extranormal - Peak of human achievement, high-performance athletes closely resemble actual Class F extranormals
  • Magister - A graduated Novitiate; mastery of some low-level spells and no medium-level ones
  • Metahuman - Still discovering the extent of their ability; they are the most mistake-prone
  • Psionic - Spirit communication; mild oracle abilities and short-distance clairvoyance
  • Tech - Modern tech, mostly jerry-rigged; will experience malfunctions far more often
  • Weaponmaster - Learned student, has figured out their road to mastery; can display basic techniques and form with competence but will suffer under advanced techniques

Class G

  Inviduals ranked Class G fit the minimum power level required to be considered a potential threat to DEIMOS. For the most part Class G individuals are left alone, and only monitored occasionally. Those with potential for greater power manifestation are usually mentored as best as possible, if not asked to join DEIMOS outright. Individuals below this class have non-threatening powers like basic empathy or ghost sight, which pose no threat to the security of DesCha.   Class G Definitions:
  • Extranormal - Slightly better than normal human average; top athlete
  • Magister - A Novitiate or apprentice spellcaster, little control
  • Metahuman - Slight and as yet uncontrolled manifestation of powers; usually controlled within first discovery
  • Psionic - Ghostly communication and ESP, basic clairvoyance
  • Tech - Uses existing technology with no room for innovation; basic gadgeteer
  • Weaponmaster - Beginner student of a weapon class, usually has an heirloom or low quality item

Class 0

  Class 0 is reserved for individuals who, through some mishap or misfortune, have been completely de-powered to mundane-level abilities. Class 0 individuals are almost often rehabilitated, and given care, in the rare event that their powers are returned.

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