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*DEIMOS* (DesChan Extranormal Initiative, Ministry Of Securities, formerly Ministry Of Securities Section Nine (MOSS9)) is a section of the Ministry of Securities that was established to deal with the onset of extranormal threats in DesCha. Founded as part of the ministry in 1980, its roles include the monitoring of individuals who possess talents or technology beyond the abilities of normal humans, as well as the authority to act against any perceived threat to DesChan national security.   Although a specialized agency, DEIMOS employs a diverse set of personnel, selecting operatives and administrators who are aware of and are capable of dealing with such threats. The Director of DEIMOS is answerable directly to the President of DesCha, and the section maintains ties to organisations that work entirely within the sphere of the extranormal community, such as the Council of Magisters.   Although DEIMOS has spread its agency offices throughout DesCha for continuity purposes (a result of the attack by a former director on its headquarters in Federal City) its central headquarters is located in DEIMOS HQ in Federalia.   In recent years, DEIMOS has received criticism for their enforcement of a United Nations resolution preventing any extranormal individuals from leaving the country. They have also been criticized for preventing low and mid-level crime in the city and focusing purely on extranormal threats. Defenders state that the organisation exists solely to defend DesChan national security only on levels higher than the capabilities of regular law enforcement authorities.  

Recruitment and Membership

  Recruitment by DEIMOS can begin fairly early; agents as young as twelve have been recruited into the agency, although great care is taken in ensuring that in the event of sudden retirement the agents can live an otherwise healthy mundane life. DEIMOS's primary recruitment headquarters is located near Senta University in DesCha West. Recruitment involves:  
  • Questioning by various recruitment agents;
  • Initial training;
  • Vocational courses in life within DEIMOS;
  • Final approval by the Director, and
  • Preliminary fieldwork.
  Should an agent successfully pass through all these stages they are given a permanent designation and assigned into a team for further field-work. If their area of expertise is such that no existing team can support them, a new team can be created for them by the Director and senior staff.   Agents do not serve in DEIMOS full-time; since The Interim, only teams of agents are called in for active duty, since there is no threat requiring all agents to be on standby. Thus, this is the only time in the organisation's history that agents have been allowed to fully experience normal life.


Organisation and Known Personnel

  Under Grade Noriaki's directorship, the organisation has become far more organised. All operatives are organised under eight divisions, under which are teams, then individual agents. Only four of the divisions have division chiefs; the last four (Orbital and Space Armaments, Technology, Engineering, and Paramedic) have duties outside of field operations and have only one team each, so the leader of each team is the effective leader of that division. Although the structure remains the same, Grade has performed several re-organisations in the last five years, to further optimise the efficiency of the agency. Redundant agents were retired but kept a generous stipend, as well as free education and generous room and board.  




  • Grade Noriaki, Director
    • Mikhail Suzuhara, Field Operations Division Chief
    • Sun Zou Tan, Clandestine Operations Division Chief
    • Mydan Ceta, Intelligence Division Chief
    • Damien Marshall, Counter-Intelligence Division Chief

Field Ops

Field Ops Team 1
  • Loek Oekantu, team leader
Field Ops Team 2
  • Kyujin Ueno, team leader (in hiatus)
  • Gale, field operative
  • Polaris, field operative
Field Ops TEAM 3
Field Ops TEAM 4
  • 15, team leader
  • Kaede Araraki, field operative
  • Phaeton, field operative
  • Masaki Ueno, field operative

Clandestine Ops

ClanOps TEAM 1
ClanOps TEAM 2
ClanOps TEAM 3


Intel Team 1
  • Chris Fujinari, team leader
Intel Team 2
Counter-Intelligence Team 1
Counter-Intelligence Team 2

Orbital and Space Armaments

  • Usagi Yawate, team leader


  • Iwao Takada, team leader


  • Aniheed Marlowe, team leader


  • Soto Umita, team leader
  • An Kaito, first response paramedic agent

Founding Date
Government, Secret Service

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