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Eadro is a deity worshipped by the Locathah and Merfolk. His symbol is a spiral, indicating growth through unity. Eadro appears as living water, able to take the shape of a Locathah, a Merman, a watery blob, or anything else he pleases.   Eadro much prefers to send omens and messages to his followers; he believes in their abilities, but also does not believe solutions should be easy. His omens typically appear in the form of unusual behavior by moray and other eels. The eels behave oddly in the presence of the recipient, swimming in odd patterns before delivering a small, smooth pebble of an unusual color; the patterns and especially the color of the pebble represent the message, which is most often a warning of some sort. If a message is complex and of particular import, Eadro dispatches a small blue fish with scintillating scales that speaks with his voice.   While he is a Ocean God, Eadro rarely involves himself in disputes or discussions that don’t directly affect the lives of his people, professing to have no opinion one way or the other when queried. Still, he is distantly friendly with all members, and is a reliable ally when outside threats rise. He fully understands that Sahuagin or Ixitxachitl will quickly be a problem for his people should those threatened fall to their foes. Eadro is, in general, conflict averse and prefers to work out issues through mutually beneficial agreements and discussions, and is aware that such things are rarely possible with the evil races of the sea.

Divine Domains

  • Nature (Underwater environments)
  • Tempest (Underwater currents)

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Swirling water

Tenets of Faith

The merfolk worship Eadro with passion, making their supplications open to non-merfolk so that they might hear songs devoted to him. The songs and swimming dances they use in prayer change with every season as well as during their numerous holidays. They are accepting of the differences in the Locathahs’ beliefs, but these beliefs were confusing to the merfolk.   The Locathah worshiped him as the Deliverer. Only males were allowed in the clergy and their religious practices were kept secret from all others. They used prayer as a form of redemption from the punishment they believed was bestowed upon their race for improper worship, pointing to the frequent enslavement of the Locathah by others and their scaly bodies as opposed to the merfolk’s smoother ones. They aim to use their prayer to be redeemed and transformed into Merfolk.   Among Locathah, there exists an independent order of sea druids and rangers dedicated to ensuring the watery environments that Eadro’s children inhabit stay pure and clean. They hold that it is Eadro’s hands in the water that bathe the gills of his children, supplying them with needed air to breathe. They concentrate on spreading aquatic plants and animals that naturally filter the water, such as corals, anemones, and mollusks. They seed shipwrecks and ruins with coral to create new reefs while cleaning the water of surface-world toxins, and treat those who release toxins into the water intentionally very harshly. They generally have little interest in associating with others of the faith, and are rarely encountered.


Contacts & Relations

While Merfolk and Locathah are often valued allies among the non-evil undersea political landscape, their priests rarely get deeply involved with other races, being concerned primarily with their own communities. The safety and wellbeing of their people is paramount, and issues of territorial rights and commerce can frequently put them into conflict with other non-evil races, even other groups who worship Eadro. Such concerns are put aside when outside threats from other evil races rise, but only until the threat is neutralized or destroyed. Within such alliances, priests of Eadro rarely hold leadership positions, which are filled by secular members of the community. When they involve themselves, it is typically in a support fashion by healing the injured or protecting non-combatants.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • The Deliverer
  • The Bather of Gills
  • Lord of the Sunlit Shallows
  • The Water of Life
Alignment: Neutral   Portfolio: Locathah, Merfolk   Worshippers: Locathah, Merfolk


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