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The Deluge

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After the Elemental Realm of Water broke into the world, the cataclysmic floods reshaped the world. Entire nations were brought to ruin, dragged into the depths as the waters rose, and the denizens of the depths terrorized the land-dwellers. Only the combination of the world's greatest arcane powers kept it from ruin.   Now, the world is split in two.   Above, Aero Firma, the collection of sky islands wretched from the land and held aloft above the watery expanse. In these Sky Cities, class conflict, overpopulation and prejudice bring tensions to their peak. Yet, many find noble purpose in innovation and invention, bringing stability through progress in such uncertain times.   Below, All Blue, a massive sea dotted with islands and the remnants of the old world. Whether surviving on flotillas or starting new on the remaining lands, the All Blue is filled with the hearty survivors seeking to rebuild. Anyone daring can seek their fortune finding the treasures of the old world littered around.   In both realms, new threats arrive from the sundering of the Elemental Planes. Yet, all those ready to brave the risks shall find themselves well rewarded.