The God of Chaos  


Where The Dragon represents the status-quo and order Taltos has always insisted that a little Chaos is always good for business. His disciples though few in number tend to have the biggest impact, a misplaced explosive in a building causing it to collapse and then a new better development being put in its place. The sudden and violent accidental death of a mob boss leading to crime rates dropping in the area, all Chaos good and bad.   Taltos has managed to remain fairly relevant in the modern age and although he is not worshipped, acts are certainly committed in his name.  

Ancient Times

Taltos' birth coincides with the end of the light, scholars insist the two events are linked but at best they have been only able to prove it was highly coincidental. However before the end of the light and The Nayoman Invasion scholars are convinced that Taltos did not exist, there are ancient references to a Daemon called Taltos but research concluded these are very differentr beings.