Sun Spire

With a fleet of just under a thousand ships ranging from tugs up to super cargo vessels the Sun Spire Travel corporation have really made a name for themselves since Turgumi Grayhelm took over, through some questionable takeovers of smaller freight companies the Fleet of Sun Spire is now only rivalled by that of the Titan Void Navy.   If you have sent freight off world or travelled off world yourself it is a fair chance you have been aboard a Sun Spire vessel, there fleet marked out with the glorious golden symbol of the spire along the height of each ship of the fleet.


Corporation led by a CEO.

Public Agenda

To become the crucial link of the Crucible and maintain the Dwarven control of the void.


Up to 1000 individual ships from tugs up to cargo liners.


Offshoot of the original Void Navy of Sanctuary when they were contracted to ferry passengers and freight around the ring.

Corporation, Financial
Organization Vehicles