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Anna Lynn Boyd

Madam Anna Lynn Boyd (a.k.a. Anna)

Madam of the The House of Amber Doves.


Annn Lynn Boyd is the person who discovered the luminiferous ether and invented celestium alloy. She used this new technology to improve steam engines.

Later, working for Miles Morgan and with Nikola Tesla, she invented mental circuitry for automatons, which uses celestium alloy in a way that causes nodes in the circuitry to act much like bundles of brain cells. She also helped design parts of the automaton bodies, though this was mostly the purview of engineers at Morgan's Automatons.


Anna created another form of celestium alloy that can heal wounds and even enliven dead tissue. Using this, she was able to invent what she calls brain units, which are necessary for enlivening the brains of the dead and in resurrection. With this experimental technology, and in secret, she resurrected both the cat Mathonwy and her own father, James `Bodacious` Creed.


Anna's contributions to technology and science are a secret known only to a few. For now, that's how Anna wants it, but they are rapidly changing the world.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Healthy. Average physical shape.

Mental characteristics


Anna is mostly self educated. She is of genius level intellect and studied from numerous science books. Her favorite subjects are physics, biology, and engineering.


Madam. Owner of the The House of Amber Doves.
Inventor. Revolutionized Morgan's Mechanicals and Morgan's Automatons, and is now wealthy.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Discovered how to access and use the Luminiferous Ether.
Invented the modern steam engine.
Invented steely brain circuitry.

Mental Trauma

Anna lost her mother and her father when she was six years old. Her mother died in a fire in their home while Anna was playing in the nearby woods. Her uncle and aunt then kidnapped Anna and convinced her father, James `Bodacious` Creed, that Anna had died.

Personality Characteristics


Anna bathes every day or two.


Religious Views

Atheist. Anna is a genius and sees no evidence of a gods, especially since Darwin's theory of evolution.


Wealth & Financial state

Anna is very wealthy, since her technology is in all automatons created by Morgan's Automatons, her steam engine designs power all Morgan's Mechanicals and Automatons products, and she negotiated a lucrative royalties deal with Miles Morgan.

Neutral to Chaotic Good
Current Location
The House of Amber Doves
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
1853 24 Years old
Virginia, USA
Current Residence
The House of Amber Doves
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Black and curly.
Skin Tone
Light tan
140 lbs
Aligned Organization
Morgan's Automatons
Other Affiliations
Known Languages

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Cover image: by Jonathan Fesmire
Character Portrait image: by Jonathan Fesmire


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